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Native American Tribes

This is one of our more popular exhibits here at the museum. We have a large variety of arrowheads displayed in four trays which were collected by one gentleman who lived in the lakes area. We also have a case of stone artifacts and tools that were found in local farming fields. Some of our more popular items are from the Abbie Gardner Cabin, that was left behind after the 1857 Spirit Lake Massacre.

Ice Age of Okoboji

We have a large display of ice harvesting tools here at the museum. Ice harvesting was a large business here at the lakes, many years ago. People would cut blocks out of the frozen lake, and then place them on a conveyor belt that would place these blocks into railroad cars and ship them out all over. Local residents would also use these blocks for their ice boxes which were known as"refrigerators."

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The Original Train Depot

This is the only train station remaining in the county. In the early 1900’s people traveled by train from the Chicago area and other places to the Okoboji Lakes area. The tourist attraction enabled the city to grow and become a thriving area as it is today.

Schools of Dickinson County

The Dickinson County Museum is creating an exhibit honoring the schools of Dickinson County.  If you have photos or memorabilia to donate, please let us know!


Military Section

At the museum we have a good variety and selection of military items. One of our most popular items is the Civil War drum. This drum was carried and played by Conrad Brown, a soldier in the Civil War band during the war. This drum is very unique and we are very grateful that our small museum can hold something so precious. We have cases filled with other unique military items such as gas masks, hats, and a variety of other different things that people really enjoy looking at. We have a huge variety of WW2 uniforms, and a WW1 uniform that is very special.

Medical Corner

Our medical corner is a popular place in our museum. Most people shiver when they see the old medical equipment. We have an electric dental drill, controlled by a foot lever, that was used from 1895-1905. We also have an examining chair that had been used in a doctors office. We have a large case full of old medical equipment that will help you understand what equipment was used many years ago.